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Episode 168 | Pepe Marais | Entrepreneur, Author, Creative, Thinker,

On this episode I chat with Pepe about his new book Twenty Habits That Break habits.  This is a...

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Episode 166 | Robin Pullen | Exploring The Life Of A Digital Nomad

On this episode I chat with Robin about his journey to becoming a digital nomad.   “I believe there is more in...

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Episode 165 | Heidi Brauer | Hollard And The Daredevil Run

On this episode we chat to Heidi about the Daredevil Run and what Hollard contribute to the fight against...

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Episode 163 | Matt Brown | Scaling a business to $100 million in 36 months

On this episode I catch up with Matt and find out what he's been up to, his latest entrepreneurial...

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Episode 162 | Colleen Benade | Entrepreneur, Healer, Body Talk, Reiki

On this episode I chat with Colleen about her healing practice, we talk about the various healing modalities she...

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