Episode 127 | Lucy Rodrigues | Transformational Coach, Energy Healer

On this episode we take a slightly different angle as we chat to Lucy about her life, work and journey.

Lucy says “my work involves working closely with others, as their transformation coach. Through my own journey, I have learnt valuable insight as well as tools to implement in order to bring about positive shifts in life. The journey is a very sacred inner process; whereby one needs to honor the healing process, forgiveness of self and others. To identify the energy “blockages” and better understanding of its relevance. I help others shift their perspective and understand things from a higher place of awareness and love.
The mind is a beautiful tool, yet many do not understand the importance of positive mental health. The importance of all that you think, feel and project … is all that you attract into your life. 
My programs and work are all remote, which means I can work with anyone regardless of where they are located geographically. The process begins with healing of self, awareness of self, loving of self. Releasing of all that is not if your highest good, shifting to a more positive mindset. Implementing daily tools, to bring about positive changes etc. In short; as within…so without. 
There are no mistakes in life; everything and everyone has a vital role in the journey. By working closely with each, I am able to help them heal, grow, learn and empower them to choose better for themselves.”

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