Episode 136 | Mic Mann | Creative Thinker, Visionary, Experiential Brand Specialist and all round nice guy

On this episode I speak to Mic about the Singularity U event and what we have to look forward to going into the future.

Mic Mann believes that the future will be abundant as the power and potential of exponential technologies increases and their price gradually drops to zero, ultimately democratising numerous industries and improving the lives of all.

As co-founder of Mann Made, an award-winning experiential brand agency that has worked with top global and local Fortune 500 companies. Mic has 19 years of experience in the media, marketing and eventing industry. Mic is a prolific speaker and strategist on exponential technologies, the future of work and the changing role of professionals.

After completing the Singularity University Executive Programme in 2015, he realised that in order to #futureproofAfrica we need to embrace exponential technologies.

He and his partners subsequently brought the SingularityU Summit – the first of its kind on the continent – to South Africa. Mic’s passions are entrepreneurship and break-through technologies. He is also involved in the local start-up and maker community.






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