Episode 138 | Sally Acton | Entrepreneur, Empowerment, And A better Human

On this episode I chat with Sally about her latest project Learn To Be A Better Human. Which I think is a simply brilliant idea and well worth checking out.

Be A Better Human: To do better, we need to know better. We need to Learn. We need to Support those that need help. We need to Understand the facts.Be A Better Human provides that first step via topical, cause-driven micro eLearning classes that do more than educate, a portion of each course fee goes to the linked charity to support them in their work and a portion goes to the course creator, to stimulate job creation.Be A Better Human is proudly African, 100% woman owned and run and believe that every human can make an impact and better the world of another. If you would like to create a micro-class, become one of our corporate sponsors, learn more about becoming one of our beneficiary organisations or simply would like to chat – please feel free to reach out. 

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