Episode 141 | Brett Dawson | Entrepreneur, Investor, Businessman, Fountain Of Knowledge

On this episode I had the privilege of chatting to Brett about his career in the corporate world and about his Investment company Campan.  We also chatted about one of the businesses he’s involved in called Brandhubb.


Brett Dawson is best known for his 12-year stint as head of the global IT services giant, Dimension Data. By the time he left the firm, in June 2016, he had quadrupled its annual revenue from $2 billion to $8 billion, expanded its footprint from 30 countries to 58, and grown its local and international employee complement from 8000 to more than 30000.

Two years after handing over the reins Brett is now embarking on the next stage of his journey, starting a personal investment platform called CAMPAN. His enviable track record in the technology industry is largely led by his vision in harnessing the transformative power of new technologies and it is therefore no coincidence that CAMPAN will focus on investing and mentoring scalable startups that that are determined to revolutionise existing business models through the positive application of technology. CAMPAN will focus on driving the trend referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR).









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