Episode 145 | Alison Tucker | Author, Entrepreneur, Breast Cancer Survivor

On this episode I chat with Alison about her book My Best Worst Year – A Breast Cancer Story.

We talk about life, work and the journey from being diagnosed with breast cancer to the subsequent treatment and the lessons learned along the way.

Once the shock had settled, Alison decided that she would take charge. Not only would she take ownership of the dreaded disease, but she would do so with a positive mindset and prepare herself as best she could for what was to come. She did detailed research and paid close heed to what she was told by others who had walked the path before her.

As she navigated her way through surgery and the chemotherapy and radiotherapy that followed, Alison’s determination paid off. Not only did she make new friends, but she learnt valuable life lessons too: acceptance of the illness for what it was, the amazing impact of ongoing advances in medical science, and the importance of being able to ask for – and receive – help.





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