Episode 147 | Michael Hook | Entrepreneur, Platinum Tribe Creator, Author

On this episode I chat with Michael about his book 2020 The Year that Killed Retirement


2020 The Year that Killed Retirement is a delightful book. Michael Hook believes that retirement as we know it is dead and urges the older generation, the Platinum members of society, to re-invent themselves. 


In the second half of the book, nine South African contributors share their experiences of lockdown. They ruminate on ageing, adapting and reflect on disruption and change. The essays are as follows:


The Futurist – Thinking about our Thinking by Graeme Codrington

The Logotherapist – We are all Storytellers by Klasie Wessels

The Guardian Angel – What can I do to make things better? By Khanyisile Motsa (Mam Khanyi)

The Veteran Sportswriter – Sport in a time of lockdown by Colin Bryden

The Prisoner – Experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown from a prisoner’s perspective by Inmate 211289224

The Buddhist Monk – Through the eyes of the Corona Buddha by Antony Osler

The Scientist – Reinventing Ourselves in an Uncertain World by Anthony Turton

The Financial Planner – I believe that everyone should have a plan – Kim Potgieter

The Untimely Traveller – No Way Home: A South African’s lessons of courage and resilience after being locked out during COVID-19 level 5 lockdown by Julia Kerr-Henkel


A certain goodness shines through these stories. Michael hopes that some positives may come from this defining period, and that for seniors the best period of their lives is yet to come. 




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