Episode 158 | Ross Saunders | Digital Privacy Expert, Speaker Entrepreneur

On this episode I chat with Ross about the storm of controversy surrounding privacy and WhatsApp is it just a storm in a teacup?

Ross specialises in data protection and information security, raising awareness and educating staff on the human aspect to what can, and does, go wrong in data protection. As an international speaker, facilitator, and consultant, Ross demystifies technical, security, and legal topics to make them accessible at all levels of the organisation.

He started as a paperboy in 1999, perhaps subconsciously influenced by the video game of the same title… His skill improved with practice (both at video games and real life), and his love for games saw him move into the field of IT. He then moved through a range of technical positions, with a brief dalliance in software development. Since then, Ross has spent numerous years in strategic management for a multitude of multinational software companies.

Ross has a particular passion for data privacy, having been a victim of identity theft and seeing first hand the impact of data breaches on both individuals and organisations. He aims to help organisations manage their data effectively, avoiding the pitfalls they may not be aware of.





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